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Ask a Sex Coach is my regular GQ column I answer those questions you wish you knew the answer to. Got a sex-related question you’d prefer to ask anon? Keep an eye on GQ Australia's Instagram stories, where we’ll be posting a call-out for your questions in the coming weeks.


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Missionary is Australia's Favourite sex position


Mindful Sex

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Sex, Porn & Tech: The Future of Human Sexuality

Can you masturbate too often?

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How a healthy relationship with sex can benefit your career

Dating Apps and handling big d

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The Future of Human Sexuality

Why do we make sex noises?

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Hooking up at festivals

Triple J: Online

Hooking up at festivals

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Triple J: The Hook Up

Beginners guide to sex toys

Tumblr's porn ban

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How to make and stick to 2020 sexual resolutions

Sexual Mindfulness

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The rise of sex therapy

The Future of human sexuality

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Everything you need to know about Female Pleasure

The beginners guide to orgasms 

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A beginner's guide to female orgasms

What you need to know about performance anxiety

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Why I canned my corporate gig for a career in sex and intimacy

"I quit my corporate job to become a sex educator"

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How to find your orgasm

How to sext

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Mind-blowing sex: the couples guide

10 reasons why you should masturbate

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Artificial Intelligence & Sexbots, I weighed in on the discussion when Tony Jones sprung a question on me (12 mins in)