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Ask A Sex Coach

Ask a Sex Coach is my regular GQ column I answer those questions you wish you knew the answer to. Got a sex-related question you’d prefer to ask anon? Keep an eye on GQ Australia's Instagram stories, where we’ll be posting a call-out for your questions in the coming weeks.

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The Latch: Australia's Biggest Fantasy is Having Sex Outdoors

Kinks come in many shapes and forms, but new data from a sex toy group suggests Aussies are getting off on one fantasy in particular. Read more

The Hook Up: What Counts As A First Time?

The ideas of 'virginity' & 'losing it' carry a lot of baggage rn. Hear all about it on Triple J

Fashion Journal: What Does It Mean To Be A Selfish Lover?

I spoke with Fashion Journal on all things orgasms, intimacy and clitoral fluency. Read more


body + soul: James Packer and Mariah Carey NEVER had sex...

What I'm interested in is whether it is a concern for the couple. How fulfilled do they feel - in their body and in their relationship? Read more.

ELLE: How To Keep Your Sex Life Alive (And Kicking) During Lockdown

To state the obvious: Covid-19 has had a huge impact on relationships. Read more.

body + soul: 6 intimate sex acts to try in bed if you struggle to orgasm

If you've never orgasmed, you're not alone. Anorgasmia is a very real thing that affects more women that you might think. Read more

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The Latch: Behold, a Physical Touch Activity for Couples to Increase Intimacy

Touch releases the feel-good neurochemicals dopamine and oxytocin, AKA the ‘bliss’, ‘cuddle’ and ‘love’ hormones that improve your mood, create a natural high, boost your satisfaction and activate the reward circuits in your brain. Read more.

body + soul: Sex toys for parts of your body you'd never even thought to stimulate

By inviting other body parts into the experience, you become more creative, less goal-focused, more curious and more orgasmic. Full-body experiences are some of the best you'll have. Read more. 

ABC: Singles hindered from finding perfect match amid coronavirus fears

I spoke with ABC to discuss the state of dating in the time of COVID19. Listen here

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Sydney Morning Herald: Forget couples counselling, it's all about sex therapy now

More people than ever are looking for a better connection with their sensual self, they want to get back into their bodies because they have felt out of touch for far too long. Read more

body + soul: Georgia Grace x We-Vibe  – The future of sex toys

The world of sex toys is an ever-evolving one, filled with new, exciting and slightly intimidating devices. Read more.

Whimn: A sex coach answers all your questions about squirting

Female ejaculation is one of the most confusing sex acts around. And despite the fact it’s shrouded in mystery and stigma, it’s actually quite straightforward once you break it down. Read more.

11644494-16x9-large.jpg Missionary is Australia's favourite sex position

Many of the ‘funky’ positions we hear like reverse doggy and butter churner, are fun to try but they take a great amount of stamina, require strength in holding someone’s body and can be difficult to hit the right spot. Read more.

POPSUGAR: Why Masturbation Should Be a Part Of Your Self-Care Ritual

There is a genuine need for people to have better access to understanding and exploring sexual wellness through masturbation. Read more

Triple J: The Hook Up

There are so, so many dating apps out there, how do you know if you're on the right one? Listen here.

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ELLE: Why is my ex calling in isolation?

The best way to understand their intentions is to ask them. Something along the lines of 'why are you reaching out?' or 'what are you hoping for? Read more

Financial Review: Tumblr's porn ban raises questions on art and sexuality on prudish platforms

Tumblr has so many resources and safe spaces that support kink groups or queer communities. It's been a place where really diverse sex ed and body-positive images are shared in a supportive way. Read more

Future Dreamers: 5 sexual orientation myths that must be dispelled

LGBTQIA+ people run into misconceptions all the time. Many people have heard sexual orientation myths, maybe you’ve thought them yourself, maybe someone has said them to you. Read more.


body + soul: 'Can over-using my vibrator desensitise me?'

If you’re currently in self-isolation this may be the ideal time to commit to a regular solo-sex practice, with absolutely no fear of desensitising your genitals. Read more. 

Whimn: Are Sex Toys The Key To Better Skin? An Investigation

Turns out, one of the lesser-known physical health benefits of masturbation is beauty related. Read more.

The Well Woman Podcast: Period Sex

Everything you need to know about period sex, in podcast form. Listen here.

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