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I offer sessions in Redfern Sydney or via video call

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Centre of Sense

9 Telopea Redfern

11am-8pm Monday - Thursday. Please get in touch with 3 ideal days and times and we'll work to schedule you in.

Online Session


Flexible to suit different time zones. Please get in touch with 3 ideal days and times and we'll work to schedule you in.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you work with?

I offer an inclusive and judgment-free space for people of all gender, orientation and identity. I welcome people of all relationship choices and stages, as I educate, empower, support and coach on a vast range of sexual wellbeing topics.

What are your fees?

I offer 60 min / $150 or 90 min / $220 sessions for individuals and 120 min / $300 sessions for couples.

Will this benefit me if I'm single or inexperienced?

I work with all people regardless of their relationship choice or level of experience. The sessions will be useful for anyone who is committed, curious and interested.

I want to bring my partner but I'm not sure how to tell them

This is very common in the couples I see, it may feel tricky to broach the discussion of seeking support. If this is the case with you, I'd recommend booking in a consultation session and we can work out how to best introduce the idea for you, your partner and your relationship.

How many sessions will it take for me to get to where I want to be?

This depends on where you're at when you begin and why you're investing in sessions. This work doesn't happen over night, you don't go to the gym once and expect to see instant results, the same goes for sex and intimacy. Whilst I do offer one off sessions, most people book in for any where between 5-20+ sessions. I work with people who are committed and value the work.

I'm slightly nervous, will I feel safe?

Grounding, safety and agency are fundamental to our work. Each session is tailored to you and how you are showing up on the day. It is natural to feel uncomfortable, awkward, anxious or nervous at first as speaking about sex is like learning a knew language (and I wouldn't expect you to speak fluent German in our first session). You may feel uncomfortable and that's ok! You will not be pushed beyond your boundaries.

How often can I book in a session?

This depends on your schedule and mine, you may book in weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc whichever supports you most.

Will you give me homework?

Yes! But I call this homeJOY (lame, but you'll get used to it) because the intention is to integrate, explore, understand and / or be curious about pleasure rather than set you "work" that isn't useful to you.


I live and work on the land of Gadigal people of the Eora nation, the traditional custodians of this land. I pay my respects to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders past, present, and emerging. I acknowledge that it always was and always will be Aboriginal land.

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