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What to expect in a session

Sessions are an integration of traditional practices such as embodiment, meditation and mindfulness, with the pioneering insights of neuroscience and somatic learning theory. My approach is somatic and practical, meaning you will learn by doing. You can expect to engage your body and mind to release any limitations that get in the way of you experiencing pleasure and deep, fulfilling connection with your body and others.

You will be invited to get out of your head and into your body to become in touch with your physical, emotional, psychological and erotic landscapes. In a session you will have the opportunity to discuss, share, create and feel as we work with a range of modalities including coaching, education, and embodied counselling. These sessions are co-created and client led, you have the time and space to explore, heal, get curious and discover. I offer options for take home practices for your exploration to continue beyond the session.

All people are welcome and respected, sessions are LGBTQIA+ inclusive and safe. 

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The Approach



Embodied counselling

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Areas I work with

Sexual Function:

  • Desire Discrepancy / mismatched libido

  • Vaginismus & Painful Sex

  • Premature Ejaculation

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Difficulties with orgasm & climax

  • Anatomy & pleasure

  • Performance anxiety

Relational inquiries:

  • Intimacy & relationships 

  • Communication skills

  • Boundaries & consent

  • Expression & voicing desires 

  • Relationship choices and dynamics

Self exploration: 

  • Mindfulness & embodiment practices 

  • Eroticism & sexuality

  • Breath & movement

  • Changes in sex drive

  • Sexual self confidence

Can't figure out whether your concern falls into these areas? Get in touch and I'll point you in the right direction

Schedule a session

Book in for sessions at The Riley Collective in Surry Hills or online via zoom

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you work with?

I offer an inclusive and judgment-free space for people of all gender, orientation and identity. I welcome people of all relationship choices and stages, as I educate, empower, support and coach on a vast range of sexual wellbeing topics.

What are your fees?

60 min individual sessions: $180 
90 min couple sessions: $250

Will this benefit me if I'm single or inexperienced?

I work with all people regardless of their relationship choice or level of experience. The sessions will be useful for anyone who is committed, curious and interested.

I want to bring my partner but I'm not sure how to tell them

This is very common in the couples I see, it may feel tricky to broach the discussion of seeking support. If this is the case, speak about the benefits of participating in the sessions together. Rather than focusing on what's 'wrong' with them or your relationship, speak about the potential. If the conversation feels too overwhelming or doesn't go according to plan you can book in a consultation session and we can work through the best approach for you, your partner and your relationship.

What if my partner doesn't want to attend sessions?

If it is a relationship issue or concern - it will be most useful to participate together, but if your partner isn't interested, willing or able there will be activities, ideas and even practices you can take away and integrate into your relationship. 

It's important for you to know; you are responsible for your own body, pleasure and experience. So if you attend sessions on your own, go you!! When you change, shift or grow, you will also influence or change the dynamic of your relationship. When the dynamic between you changes, the relationship also changes. And here's the powerful part, if the relationship changes, your partner changes. So even if you do the sessions on your own, you alone can have a powerful impact on your relationship.

Do your sessions include touch?

Sessions are clothes on hands-off, I do not touch clients.

How many sessions will it take for me to get to where I want to be?

This depends on where you're at when you begin and why you're investing in sessions. This work doesn't happen over night, you don't go to the gym once and expect to see instant results, the same goes for sex and intimacy. Whilst I do offer one off sessions, most people book in for any where between 5-10+ sessions.

I'm slightly nervous, will I feel safe?

Grounding, safety and agency are fundamental to our work. Each session is tailored to you and how you are showing up on the day. It is natural to feel uncomfortable, awkward, anxious or nervous at first as speaking about sex is like learning a knew language (and I wouldn't expect you to speak fluent German in our first session). You may feel uncomfortable and that's ok! You will not be pushed beyond your boundaries.

How often can I book in a session?

This depends on your schedule and mine, you may book in weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc whichever supports you most.

Will you give me homework?

Yes! But I call this homeJOY (lame, but you'll get used to it) because the intention is to integrate, explore, understand and / or be curious about pleasure rather than set you "work" that isn't useful to you.

session: FAQ

Just wanted to first say thank you again for such a great session. I felt so comfortable speaking to you and am feeling excited not only about the end result of this, but actually about the process to get there too.

Vaginismus Client

Thanks for your time today, it was such a great session. I know (my husband) was hesitant and defeated at the beginning, but he said to me after the session that he felt that it was exactly what he needed to rewire old habits. We both feel a huge sense of relief and a renewed sense of hope that we can finally have a good sexual relationship.  

I feel so grateful to continue this work with him and with your support.

Couple Session

It's only our third session and I've noticed huge changes in the way we communicate about sex. It's also really nice to see how we're both taking the initiative to implement our learnings and the activities you offer us for our homework. I feel really excited.

Couple Session

Georgia creates a safe space for all your questions and explorations. She brings wit, wisdom, clarity and deep understanding - making sure we are all seen and heard. She celebrates your unique way of being without judgement and it's an incredible thing to be able to work with a woman who weaves intelligence and sensuality into her way of working and being. Thank you Georgia x

Sensual Confidence Participant

Georgia’s bite sized sessions are such a safe, wonderful and fun way to build on all discussions around sex. She is such an inclusive, calm and caring facilitator with a real knack for drawing out vulnerable topics in a considerate and informative way! Love them and will definitely look out for the next sessions!

Bite Sized Session 

I could not recommend the bite size course enough. I was a little concerned discussing some of the topic online with complete strangers but Georgia made the space so calming, welcoming and non-judgmental that I was able to open up and discuss what was on my mind. This was a great place for me to start exploring my sensuality and relationship with sex and I can’t wait to see what more Georgia has to offer. Thank you Georgia for offering a service that makes people feel confident and comfortable to learn about themselves x

Bite Sized Session

Powerful, revealing and with plenty of feeling. Learning done fun whether in a group or one-on-one

one-on-one & course participant

We had such a great time participating in this workshop. I know all of the girls felt really empowered, relaxed and in tune with their bodies afterwards. I can’t recommend this enough!

Hens Party Participant

Your course has changed my life, I deserve pleasure!

Pleasure course participant

Georgia Grace is going to change the world, one class at a time. After taking one of her classes the necessity of people who are willing to discuss and analyse our cultures understanding of sex is obvious. I can’t fan girl enough over Georgia and what she is doing to help people in their everyday lives

genARTals workshop participant

We got so much out of the session on Tuesday night, I have already noticed some positive changes in us and the way we communicate. The couple of times this week we have had very small tiffs, we've pulled ourselves out of it really nicely and even commented later on how proud we are of how we handled it.

Couples Session

I didn't know how much there was to learn until I started the session. I've changed the way feel about sex and relating, I now have a better understanding what I want and need from relationships

Friends with Benefits participant

The work has changed both my relationship with pleasure, and my wife's. I have learnt the skills to help us deepen our connection and I can safely, and lovingly go on the journey with her

Mindful Sex workshop participant

Georgia most skilfully and beautifully opened up a safe, playful and creative space for all of us sex explorers. We saw, heard, spoke, moved, touched and felt with each other. The course was structured and delivered in a thoughtful and loving way, which is how we need it to be to explore one of the most important facets of our life: the sexual self and experiences. I absolutely recommend to seek this pleasure

Pleasure course participant

A great way to connect with your friends and yourself in an intimate space. The activities were so engaging and it felt natural to be able to open up and learn at the same time. Lots of laughs but felt guided organically by Georgia the whole time.

Friends with Benefits participant

My friends and I had a sublime experience at Georgia’s ‘Friends with Benefits’ series. Everybody felt so comfortable in her presence and opened up in ways they hadn’t before, learning new things about themselves. Georgia has such a beautiful nature and set the space up so nicely for us to relax, unwind, have a laugh and also get in touch with our inner selves. She’s extremely knowledgeable and intelligent with a beautiful charisma. I would highly recommend anyone (male, female, friends, strangers) to attend her classes, they’re a magical, unforgettable and truly engaging experience.

Friends with Benefits participant 

It was fun, educational and very, very fascinating. I wish learned some her key takeaways many years ago! I highly recommend anyone from any gender, age, size, race or artist skill to go and attend, you won't regret it. Thank you Georgia, keep up the terrific work of reeducating what we all should know.

GenARTls participant

I loved every minute of Gspot! I had so much fun! It was amazing to share and explore with women I had never met in my life, feeling safe, welcome, accepted and cared for. Such a powerful thing to be able to talk to others about ourselves and what gives us pleasure, with no judgment, just holding space for each other's enquiries. It was wonderful!

GSPOT course participant

We have nothing but positive feedback from the girls. thanks so much for being an incredible educator and creating a safe space to share and learn

Friends with Benefits participant

Thank you so so much Georgia! It was such a great day and we're all very keen to do it again and attend more of your workshops! Love your work!!

Friends with Benefits Participant

Thank you SO SO MUCH!! Everyone absolutely loved the workshop, especially (the bride to be). She had such a great time. 

The workshop made everyone feel so empowered afterwards!! I’m glad everyone got into it. You made everyone feel very comfortable to talk about sex, so thank you!

Hens Party

The girls so enjoyed your workshop on Saturday and the mothers in particular spoke of how amazing and empowering it was.

Your language was incredibly inclusive and I would happily suggest your service to absolutely everybody, not just hens parties!

Hens Party

I was initially quite nervous about the prospect of connecting with a group of strangers online to discuss such intimate and personal topics, but Georgia facilitates such a safe and comfortable space to share in. Her approach is inclusive, free of judgement and just as importantly, fun. I've definitely learnt a lot about myself and look forward to learning more from Georgia in the future. Thank you! xx

Bite Sized Online Session

I felt amazing during and after Georgia's session! She really made everyone feel comfortable and safe. The group were really open under Georgia's guidance. I would definitely do this again!

Friends with Benefits Participant 

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