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Working Gently on Aboriginal Land

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

A list of resources for practitioners working on Aboriginal land.

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How can we work to be actively anti-racist in our offering?

I write this through the lens of a white, cis woman, working and benefitting from moving freely and with ease on Aboriginal land. My intention is to create a list of online resources to assist health practitioners to be more informed on how to be actively anti-racist. In reading this, if you notice something I have missed or in need of review, please let me know.

Below you’ll find a list of questions I am constantly asking myself personally and professionally. It may be useful for you to ask these questions, too. While I’ve curated them with health practitioners in mind, I hope it can assist anyone (and everyone) committed to a deeper appreciation of the diverse range of embodied experiences of race, gender and sexuality.

I will engage with these questions, learn critically and then strategically apply my learnings to the way I practice. I’m taking action and doing the work. I hope you can join me.

  • How has my education influenced the way I work with race, gender and sexuality?

  • How do I work, live and move on Gadigal Land?

  • How does my own experience of race, gender and sexuality inform the way I work?

  • How am I being complicit in my privilege?

  • What am I actively doing to decolonise health / pleasure?

  • How diverse are my teachers / educators?

  • How have my teachers informed the way I teach, and what I know?

  • How do I respectfully and consistently credit the work of others?

  • Is this meant to be said by me?

  • Am I the best person for the job?

  • How many First Nations, Black and Indigenous and People of Colour are involved in the project or on the panel?

  • How am I actively implementing my learnings?

  • How can I make my services even more accessible?

  • Am I doing the work?


This is an ever-growing list of resources – books, podcasts and programs – that have been vital to my understanding and learning. Some were recommended to me, others are on the top of my list. I will continue to add, edit and amend it with the support of others. If you have the energy or will, please get in touch or share resources that have been useful for you. I will add them to our list.

Here is a community generated directory of mental health practitioners, services and programs, available and suitable for First Nations, Māori and BIPOC. This resource is created by Our Directory.

First Nations: Books

First Nations: Film / Documentaries

First Nations: Resources

First Nations: Donate

Training and Courses

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