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Your Sexiest Stories, Revealed!

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

This week we're talking about Contexts for Desire a.k.a. what/where/when/who turns you on and why! Often in my workshops, I find people are inspired by others' stories or fantasies, we can learn a lot about our own eroticism by listening to others. With that in mind, I asked you to send me your wildest, sexiest and most pleasurable experiences.

I was absolutely blown away by your responses. Check out a few of my favourites below.

No Rest For The Wicked

"It was midnight when I felt her cold hand running inside my boxer. I was asleep after a great night with her. But she wasn’t, she was hungry... for more. She loves watching me sleep. She loves it when I stick my shaft on her sexy round ass. Gosh how much I love her ass – it keeps my dick warm and wet. That sensation when she sets her ass perfectly to fit with my dick, that feeling can not be described in words. She knows how to keep her man wet and thirsty. Slowly rubbing my dick up and down, her fingers are filled with my pre-cum. She licked her finger and kissed me passionately, the way she twist her tongue and plays with my lips inside my mouth is unimaginable. She spitted & started sucking my dick passionately. The way she was guzzling my dick was showing me the way to heavenly orgasm. She wanted to punish me, she sat on my face and continued to suck my dick while twisting with her other hand. Her pussy was gushing with her cum. Needed my touch to ooze out, the taste of her cum was heavenly. She wanted me to lick it all. That feeling when you swipe up her cum with the first stroke with your tongue. She paced up with her mouth, tongue and hand. I taut her ass, she felt that I am about to cum, she paced up more and devoured my cum with her horny hungry soul."

Find A Man To Fuck You In The Woods

"We were out hiking in England and were talking about how much we wanted to have sex with each other and then it got all too much that we (like teenagers) went off into the trees and started hooking up. We ended up having sex up against a tree with me biting his hand so I wasn’t too loud to draw attention... And then after it all, I had to wee so went behind a different tree but in the process managed to get semen and bodily fluid all over my hiking boot. And like the gentleman he is, after both cracking up at the situation, he gave me his spare underwear to wipe it off. Moral of the story is find a man who will fuck you in the woods but will help you clean up the messy not so sexy parts and not make you feel awkward."

Tour de France

"For me it’s always about the build leading up to it. Probably one of my favourites was when we were driving in a van around the south of France in Verdon Gorge. We spent the drive telling each other how much we wanted each other and in what positions. It got to the point that I was so aroused I probably would have orgasmed from just his hand touching my thigh. The heat built up to the point that we just pulled over to the side of the road, in an empty tourist bay, shut the curtains and jumped in the back, no physical foreplay, didn’t even have time to fully take off our clothes and had the best sex I’ve ever had. And thank God I didn’t take off my dress because as we finished, two cars pulled up behind where we didn’t have curtains on the window!"

The Mile High Club

"I am all about new places. We were on our way back from Sri Lanka and I’ve always been tempted to see what this 'Mile High Club’ is about. Everyone seemed to be asleep, we were at the back of the plane and so I grabbed my partner's junk and whispered 'Baby, let’s go bang'. He fired up very quickly and there we were doing some sweet sweet doggy/ attempting straddle in the tiny toilets on our flight. I don’t even think we lasted 2 minutes we were so turned on. The mirror was steamy and the sink wouldn’t stop running as we played. Attempting to flatten my pulled hair we slowly exited one by one to avoid looks! Someone definitely caught us."


"Years ago on New Year’s Eve the guy I was seeing had to work as did I. I stopped by his office before my bar shift with nothing on under my coat but a g-string. He told me to lock the door behind me. I walked in to him, aroused at his desk. Literally like a movie scene. Pens and paper pushed to the floor as he grabbed me and laid me across the table. I almost came before we begun. Hot steamy madness. I can’t help but get turned on every now and then when I’m by myself in an office space..."


Sandy & Sexy

"Being so horny away with my partner and his family we had to take a walk down to the beach and couldn’t make it the whole way we did very steamy naughty stand-up doggy in the bushes before we even got there. I bit my shirt so hard I looked like I’d been attacked."

Is it hot in here or is it just me? Learning about the contexts that excite you can build arousal and can also support you in creating the circumstances for sex that really suit you. My new online course, Modern Sex, includes guided exercises to help you rediscover what really turns you on. Find out more here.

Image via Normal People.

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